Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year, a new beginning!

Okay, okay, I know I've tried this several times, but I'm going to make it work this time, I know I will!

We rang in the new year in style. We went to Toni's house and hung out until midnight. Both boys stayed awake until midnight...but poor Carter was about by about 12:05! He was so tired that I was able to lay him on the couch without him waking up. That made getting the car loaded up that much easier :) Alex even got into his pajamas and ready to go without putting up a fight, so you know that he was tired as well!

We're already working on this year's big resolution (excuse me, lifestyle change!) - getting our life into a less cluttered state and keeping it that way! We have way too much stuff and not enough room for it all. So between reorganizing, throwing away, and donating, we are going to get things looking better this year!

A few more easy resolutions:
*eat better - less fast food and more home cooking.
*manage the household better - rework my chore chart and actually use it!
*manage finances better - less frivolous spending and keeping the checkbook balanced!

So we'll see how well I do with those - lifestyle changes, not resolutions, right? May 2011 be good to you!

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