Sunday, May 15, 2011

My poor poor Sweet Baby Puddin'!

The trash can in our kitchen has a top that swings, so you don't have to lit the lid to throw your trash in. I was sitting at the kitchen table and heard clinking bottles, so I looked over and saw Carter with his arm in the trash can. I didn't think much of it because he's like a curious little cat, so I chased him away. A few minutes later, he was back there, turning the lid so it was "open", then letting go so he could stick his hand in, then crying because it would fall down!

After a few minutes of watching him get frustrated, Rachel asked if maybe he'd dropped his Nuk in the trash can. So I got up and looked (he's notorious for "cleaning!") wasn't a Nuk, but there was his fork and a piece of chalk in there! So we're guessing he cleaned his chalk up, then was using the fork to try to get the chalk out (hence the clinking noises).

I was a little blown away by his thought process! He just keeps getting smarter and smarter as days go by....

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