Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just a little fluff-date :)

We've been doing the cloth diapers for about 3 weeks now and are loving it! We suprised Eric when we picked him up from the airport...all he said was, "Okay. We'll see how long that lasts!" That was a better reaction than I was expecting :)

I'm not gonna lie....a big factor in switching to cloth was the cuteness! Carter looks so adorable strutting his stuff with that big booty, Buddha belly, and little chicken legs! Of course, the saving money and the environment thing is nice too :)

I kinda want another baby just so we can start with cloth diapers from the beginning!

I've got a few more diapers on their way, but I think we've a pretty decent stash now, and could probably get by without buying any more. Unless we find some SUPER cute ones that we can't live without, anyway!

Here are a few pictures of Puddin' with his fluffy butt!

Pocket Diaper from Karen's Crafts

Pocket diaper from Mo Dia Diapers...this one is my current favorite!

Bummis cover

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