Thursday, April 7, 2011

Carter's 15 month checkup!

For some reason, they scheduled his 15 month visit for today...14 months 1 weekish. But whatever!

Pork Chop is tipping the scales at 21 lbs 4 oz (31st percentile, up from 11th) and 30.5" (36th percentile, up from 25th)...and his head is a whopping 18.75" - 76th percentile (that stayed consistent, lol)!! Guess that means he's extra smart :)

He got two shots. He was scheduled for 4, but since he's only scheduled for 1 at his 18 month, I opted to split them between the two.

Everything is looking good! No ear infections - always good news!

I talked to the doctor about his lack of speech, since I'm really worried he'll go down the same path as Alex. Unfortunately there's not much they can do at this age. He said that they've changed the qualifications so it's harder to qualify for BabyNet now - at 19 months, Alex didn't have a single word and just barely qualified - the cutoff score was 17, and that's what he scored. So basically, Carter doesn't have a chance at qualifying at this point, and if we attempt it now it would make it that much harder to qualify later on if necessary. Not sure why, but that's what the pedi said (his wife is the head of Bright Start, which is one of our early intervention agencies here, so I'm assuming he knows what he's talking about, lol). So, he said to pretty much keep doing what we're doing - work on teaching him signs, read to him a lot, talk to him a lot, point out body parts, etc. Basically overexaggerate things to help him understand that words have meanings and aren't just random noises.

But other than that, he was happy with Carter's development! We go back at 18 months - and I made sure they actually scheduled it for close to 18 months.

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