Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some people pay a lot of money for a mud bath....

We did the USMC Mud run today! I'd done it 2.5 years ago, but none of my teammates had done it before. It was just as awesome as I remembered! They'd moved to a new course, so in a way, it was new for me too!

It's 5.3 miles, 34 obstacles, and a LOT of mud! We were some very dirty birdies by the time we were done.

We got started and were about 5 obstacles in when it started pouring...then lightning stuck about 100 yards away from us, so they called a halt to everything. Luckily, it blew over very quickly, and we got to continue on. But, we lost about 15 minutes! We'll just subtract that off our final time :)

Team 1020, the Roaming Gnomes, are ready to go!

Bert, Pamela, Toni, and Melissa

Crossing the starting line!

Crawling under logs...getting a face full of mud! That's me, toward the front.

After crawling under the logs! We'd been far muddier before, but the previous obstacle was a nice long hike down a creek where we got nice and "clean" lol!

After yet another was all squishy on the bottom so it was just easier to get down and kind of float through it all. Of course, all it takes is the person in front of you kicking good to get a face full of mud, hence my Phantom of the Opera face!

One of the obstacles....up and over! I'm scared of falling, but at that point, you've got so much adrenaline pumping through your system you feel like Superwoman! I'm all the way on the right.

At the top, going over!

Stretcher the lightest person on the team, I got to be the one carried :)

Finish line!!

Getting hosed off by the firemen!

The dumpster filled with abandoned shoes and clothes....yuck!!

I'm already so excited for next year! They do it in the fall as well, so we'll see if we can do that one too :)

I already discover more scrapes and cuts and bruises with each shower (3 so far, today)....not to mention how sore I'm gonna be! But it's sooooo worth it :)

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