Thursday, April 7, 2011

More words of wisdom, courtesy of Alex

While listening to "Sway": This sounds like a Christmas song. You know, like "Sleigh Ride." I love Christmas songs!

No, Mommy, Professor Snape is a good guy. The robots are the bad guys.

During a discussion of what's real and what's not real: Vampires are real. They have swords, that's how they get real.
Messie (the Loch Ness Monster) is the coolest dinosaur in the world! I saw it on Wonder Pets. It was a blue dinosaur. He got stuck in the water. Last night, I was a good guy and I rode on Nessi's back and he dropped me off at home. That was so nice of Nessi. I saw him turn into a good guy dinosaur. Then I got on his back and he started running. Then he dropped me off. Silly Nessi! I love Nessi. But now he's gone. Nessi is dead now. He's at the dinosaur island with the other dinosaurs, in the water. I love Nessi, but now he's gone forever. Yeah.
When I'm five, that means I get five Zhu Zhu Pets. Not six. Cuz I'm not there yet. But I'm almost at five!

And just an example of Alex's amazing sense of style :) He wanted to try on these rain boots at Wal Mart - surprisingly they actually matched his awesome outfit!

See, Mommy, I suck on my arm a little bit and then it hurts a little bit and then I have this!

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