Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Easter Bunnies!

We finally did our Easter pictures yesterday! I am SO happy with how they came out! Two friends came along with their kids, and I went snap happy :)

The hardest part was narrowing it down from close to 400 pictures, lol.

I just had to share a few (fine, a lot!)

Carter loved the rabbit's carrots and kept swiping them :)

He discovered the little stream and wanted nothing more than to wade in it!


Baby Ava <3

Carter kept trying to poke Ava with a carrot.

Mouth full of carrot :)

Alex was really stoked for pictures, lol.

Posing with Jingles!

I think this is one of my favorites!

Jingles :)

Everyone trying to escape :)

Carter took off the blue ears and tried to put on the pink ones instead!

He was fascinated with the bunny!

Alex and Kailen <3

I really wish this one hadn't been blurry!

He got tired of the carrot and decided to go for the plant instead :)

The lone wolf walks alone...

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